Subject Area物理化学
含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物及其制备和应用; 含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物及其制备和应用; 含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物及其制备和应用; 含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物及其制备和应用
陈萍; 陈君儿; 熊智涛; 吴国涛; 刘彬
Application NumberCN201310676206.1
Patent NumberCN201310676206.1
Application Date2013-12-11
Rights Holder中国科学院大连化学物理研究所
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Copyright Date2015-11-01
含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物及其制备和应用; 含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物及其制备和应用; 含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物及其制备和应用; 含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物及其制备和应用
Date Available2015-06-17
Other AbstractThe present invention relates to a β-H-containing secondary amine metal-organic compound, a preparation method therefor and application thereof. A β-H-containing secondary amine metal-organic compound is prepared by reacting a β-H-containing primary amine with an elemental metal and/or a metal hydride, a metal amide compound or a metal-organic compound, or a β-H-containing secondary amine metal-organic compound is prepared by reacting a secondary amine metal compound with a metal salt. The present compound is a solid or a liquid at room temperature, is alkaline, and is used as an alkaline source, a raw material for organic synthesis, an intermediate in chemical reactions, a reducing agent, a catalyst and a hydrogen transfer reagent. At -100oC to 500oC, the present compound releases 0.01% to 30% by weight of hydrogen, and can act as a storage medium for a hydrogen energy carrier, thereby providing a hydrogen source for the chemical industry, the metallurgical industry, the electronics industry, aeronautics and astronautics, fuel cells, engines and household consumer devices. | 本发明涉及含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物,其制备方法及应用。通过含β-H的伯胺与金属单质和/或金属氢化物、金属氨基化合物、金属有机化合物的反应制备得到含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物,或采用含β-H的仲胺基金属化合物与金属盐的反应制备得到含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物。该类化合物常温下为固态或液态,具有碱性,常用作碱源、有机合成的原料、化学反应的中间体、还原剂、催化剂、氢转移试剂。该类化合物在-100至500摄氏度释放0.01%至30%重量百分比的氢气,可作为氢能源载体的存储介质,为化学工业、冶金工业、电子工业、航空航天、燃料电池、发动机、家庭民用设备提供氢源。
Document Type专利
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GB/T 7714
陈萍,陈君儿,熊智涛,等. 含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物及其制备和应用, 含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物及其制备和应用, 含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物及其制备和应用, 含β-H的仲胺基金属有机化合物及其制备和应用. CN201310676206.1[P]. 2015-11-01.
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