Subject Area物理化学
一种用于合成气制甲烷并联产油品的钴基催化剂、其制备及应用方法; 一种用于合成气制甲烷并联产油品的钴基催化剂、其制备及应用方法; 一种用于合成气制甲烷并联产油品的钴基催化剂、其制备及应用方法; 一种用于合成气制甲烷并联产油品的钴基催化剂、其制备及应用方法
朱文良; 刘中民; 刘勇; 刘洪超; 孟霜鹤; 李利娜; 刘世平
Application NumberCN201010610424.1
Patent NumberCN201010610424.1
Application Date2010-12-29
Rights Holder中国科学院大连化学物理研究所
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Copyright Date2014-11-26
一种用于合成气制甲烷并联产油品的钴基催化剂、其制备及应用方法; 一种用于合成气制甲烷并联产油品的钴基催化剂、其制备及应用方法; 一种用于合成气制甲烷并联产油品的钴基催化剂、其制备及应用方法; 一种用于合成气制甲烷并联产油品的钴基催化剂、其制备及应用方法
Date Available2014-11-26
Other AbstractThe invention discloses a catalyst for reaction in the process of preparing methane and coproducing an oil product by using syngas, a preparation method for the catalyst and process conditions of methane synthesis and oil coproduction. The composition of the catalyst is ABCoO/C, wherein an active ingredient is cobalt oxide, and metal-based cobalt accounts for 1.0 to 30.0 percent of the total weight of the catalyst; a second active ingredient A is Ru, Re, Rh or other precious metals, and a metal base of the second active ingredient A accounts for 0.01 to 5.0 percent of the total weight of the catalyst; an aid B is oxide, namely TiO2, MnO, Cr2O3, ZrO2, La2O3, CeO2 and the like, and a metal base of the aid B accounts for 0.5 to 15 percent of the total weight of the catalyst; and a carrier C is SiO2, ZrO, Al2O3, TiO2, activated carbon and the like, and the carrier C accounts for 50 to 95 percent of the total weight of the catalyst. The catalyst is prepared by an impregnation method and is obtained by the following steps of: impregnating the carrier C by using nitrates of the component A and the component B and cobalt nitrate, namely nitrate and cobalt nitrate, and roasting at the temperature of between 400 and 800 DEG C. A raw material of the catalyst is the syngas and is wide in source; the catalyst is low in cost and high in efficiency, and is easy to prepare; and the product can be adjusted according to requirements and is suitable for continuous large-scale production. | 一种合成气制甲烷并联产油品反应用催化剂、其制备和甲烷合成并联产油的工艺条件。催化剂组成为ABCoO/C,活性组分为氧化钴,金属基钴含量为催化剂总重量的1.0-30.0wt%;第二活性组分A为Ru,Re,Rh或其它贵金属,其金属基含量为催化剂总重量的0.01~5.0wt%;助剂B为氧化物TiO2,MnO,Cr2O3,ZrO2,La2O3,CeO2等,其金属基含量为催化剂总重量的0.5~15%载体C为SiO2,ZrO,Al2O3,TiO2,活性炭等,其重量为催化剂总重量的50~95%。催化剂制备采用浸渍法,用组分A,B硝酸盐和硝酸钴,浸渍载体C,经400-800℃焙烧而成。本发明的原料为合成气,来源广泛,催化剂的成本低廉,制备简单,效率很高,产品可按需要进行调节,适合连续大规模生产。
Document Type专利
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GB/T 7714
朱文良,刘中民,刘勇,等. 一种用于合成气制甲烷并联产油品的钴基催化剂、其制备及应用方法, 一种用于合成气制甲烷并联产油品的钴基催化剂、其制备及应用方法, 一种用于合成气制甲烷并联产油品的钴基催化剂、其制备及应用方法, 一种用于合成气制甲烷并联产油品的钴基催化剂、其制备及应用方法. CN201010610424.1[P]. 2014-11-26.
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