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大连化物所 24 待填写 11 大连化学物理研究所 9
Agilient Technologies, Waters Corporation, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich, Pfizer, Dionex Corporation, Thermo Scientific, Gerstel, Restek Corportion, Beckman Coulter, Phenomenex, Merk, Mettler Toledo 4 1,1 3 中国科学院大连化学物理研究所;辽宁石油化工大学 3
HUPO Council 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China 2 2,1 1
3,3 1 American Chemical Society 1 CAS Key Laboratory Foundation of Separation Science for Analytical Chemistry 1
CAS-Weigao Research & Development Program 1 China State Key Basic Research Program Grant 1 DNL Cooperation Fund, CAS 1
Innovation Program of Science and Research from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics 1 Instrument Developing Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 1 Key Research Program of Frontier Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 1
Ministry of Science and Technology of China 1 National Key R&D Program of China 1