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Gas chromatographic enantiomer separation on long-chain alkylated β-cyclodextrin chiral stationary phases 期刊论文
Aanalytica Chimica Acta, 2000, 期号: 408, 页码: 279-284
Authors:  Nie MY(聂孟言);  Zhou LM(周良模);  Liu XL(刘学良);  Wang QH(王清海);  Zhu DQ(朱道乾)
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Optical resolution of α-alkyl phenyl acetonitriles by HPLC on cellulose triacetate chiral stationary phases coated on underivatized silica gel 期刊论文
Chirality, 2000, 卷号: 8, 期号: 12, 页码: 621-626
Authors:  Chen XM(陈小明);  Zou HF(邹汉法);  Yang L(杨利);  Wang HL(汪海林);  Zhang Q(张强);  Chen XM(陈小明);  Zou HF(邹汉法);  Yang L(杨利);  Wang HL(汪海林);  Zhang Q(张强)
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