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Chromatographic Methodology and Technology for Developing TCM 会议论文
37th International Symposium on High-Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques , 大连, 2011-10-8
Authors:  Liang XM(梁鑫淼);  Zhang XL(张秀莉);  Liu YF(刘艳芳);  Guo ZM(郭志谋);  Xue XY(薛兴亚);  Feng JT(丰加涛)
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Development and validation of a solid phase extraction method for the enrichment of alkaloids enabling the preparation of alkaloids from Scopolia tangutica Maxim 会议论文
37th International Symposium on High-Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques, 大连, 2011-10-8
Authors:  Long Z(龙真);  Wang CR(王超然);  Guo ZM(郭志谋);  Guo XJ(郭秀洁);  Zhang XL(张秀莉);  Liang XM(梁鑫淼)
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Thermochemistry Study on Hydrogen Storage and Phase Change Materials as well as Biological Systems 会议论文
, 中国, 2008-5-18
Authors:  Zhang J(张箭);  Liu YY(刘颖雅);  Fan MQ(范美强);  Ceng JL(曾巨澜);  Qi YN(齐艳妮);  Chu HL(楮海亮);  Xu F(徐芬);  Zhang Y(张耀);  Zhao JN(赵军宁);  Zhang T(张涛);  Sun LX(孙立贤)
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Thermal Decomposition of As-received and TiF3-doped LiAlH4 会议论文
, 中国, 2008-5-18
Authors:  Liu SS(刘淑生);  Sun LX(孙立贤);  Zhang Y(张耀);  Xu F(许芬);  Chu HL(褚海亮);  Fan MQ(范美强);  Zhang J(张箭);  Gao XY(高秀英)
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Strategically searching for estrogenic compounds from Radix puerariae 会议论文
, 中国, 2007-6-4
Authors:  Zhang Y(张岩);  Zhang XZ(张晓哲);  Zhang FF(章飞芳);  Xue XY(薛兴亚);  Xu Q(徐青);  Liang XM(梁鑫淼)
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Study of Flavonoid Aglycones by High Performance Liquid Chromatography 会议论文
, 中国, 2007-6-4
Authors:  Wang YP(王艳萍);  Xue XY(薛兴亚);  Zhang FF(章飞芳);  Xu Q(徐青);  Liang XM(梁鑫淼)
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基于click,chemistry新型环糊精手性固定相的制备 会议论文
, 中国, 2007-6-4
Authors:  张永平;  郭志谋;  徐青;  梁鑫淼
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三氯苯酚废水降解中的含量测定 会议论文
, 中国, 2007-6-4
Authors:  付冬梅;  彭艳蓉;  刘仁华;  章飞芳;  薛兴亚;  徐青;  梁鑫淼
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Two-Dimensional Array HPLC Coupled to Mass Spectrometry: A Powerful High-Throughput Technology to Comprehensive Analysis of the Complex Samples 会议论文
, 中国, 2007-6-4
Authors:  Liu YM(刘艳明);  Xu Q(徐青);  Xue XY(薛兴亚);  Zhang FF(章飞芳);  Liang XM(梁鑫淼)
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复杂样品分离的液相色谱条件优化方法 会议论文
, 中国, 2007-6-4
Authors:  金郁;  石慧;  肖远胜;  薛兴亚;  章飞芳;  梁鑫淼
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