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Single Crystal (Mn,Co)3O4 Octahedra for Highly Selective Oxygen Reduction Reactions 会议论文
, 青岛, 41539
Authors:  Zhu XF(朱雪峰);  Liu HY(刘焕英);  Cheng MJ(程谟杰);  Sun GQ(孙公权);  Cong Y(丛铀);  Yang WS(杨维慎)
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Permeation model and experimental investigation of mixed conducting membranes 会议论文
12th International Conference on Inorganic Membranes, 恩斯赫德, 2012-7-9
Authors:  Zhu XF(朱雪峰);  Liu HY(刘焕英);  Liu Y(刘毅);  Cong Y(丛铀);  Yang WS(杨维慎)
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Development of Oxygen Permeation model and experimental investigation of mixed conducting membranes 会议论文
Sino-German Symposium on Inorganic Membranes for Clean Energy and Clear Environment, Hannover, 2012-3-19
Authors:  Zhu XF(朱雪峰);  Liu HY(刘焕英);  Cong Y(丛铀);  Yang WS(杨维慎);  WeishenYang
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High Stability Dual-phase Composite Membrane Reactors for Par-tial Oxidation of Methane to Syngas 会议论文
, 法国, 2009-6-28
Authors:  Zhu XF(朱雪峰);  Li QM(李其明);  Cong Y(丛铀);  Yang WS(杨维慎)
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Oxygen Permeation through Dual-phase Composite Membranes Composed of Oxygen Ionic Conductor and Mixed Conductor 会议论文
, Japan, 2008-8-18
Authors:  Zhu XF(朱雪峰);  Li QM(李其明);  Cong Y(丛铀);  Yang WS(杨维慎)
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Effects of synthesis methods on the oxygen permeable BaCe0.15Fe0.85O3-a ceramic membranes 会议论文
, 中国, 2006-6-25
Authors:  Yang WS(杨维慎);  Zhu XF(朱雪峰);  Zhang LM(张丽敏);  Cong Y(丛铀)
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Structural stability and POM reaction in the BaCe0.15Fe0.85O3-δ membrane reactor 会议论文
, 意大利, 2005-9-11
Authors:  Zhu XF(朱雪峰);  Zhang LM(张丽敏);  Cong Y(丛铀);  Yang WS(杨维慎)
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Anode-supported tubular SOFC-type reactor for conversion of nature gas to syngas 会议论文
, 意大利, 2005-9-11
Authors:  Zhang LM(张丽敏);  Zhu XF(朱雪峰);  Cong Y(丛铀);  Yang WS(杨维慎)
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Oxidative coupling of methane in the dense planar Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-δ 会议论文
, 韩国, 2005-8-21
Authors:  Lu H(鲁辉);  Tong JH(佟建华);  Deng ZQ(邓增强);  Cong Y(丛铀);  Yang WS(杨维慎)
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Novel Cobalt-free oxygen permeable membrane 会议论文
, USA, 2004-07-18
Authors:  Zhu XF(朱雪峰);  Wang HH(王海辉);  Cong Y(丛铀);  Yang WS(杨维慎)
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