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Higher-Order Human Telomeric G-Quadruplex DNA Metalloenzymes Enhance Enantioselectivity in the Diels–Alder Reaction 会议论文
, 法国, 2015-05-26
Authors:  李英豪;  贾国卿;  王长号;  程明攀;  李灿
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Enantioselective Michael addition reactions in water using a DNA-based catalysts 会议论文
, 台北, 41560
Authors:  Li YH(李英豪);  Wang ZH(王长号);  Jia GQ(贾国卿);  Lu SM(卢胜梅);  Li C(李灿)
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G-quadruplex DNA: A Chiral Scaffold for Asymmetric Catalysis 会议论文
, 新加坡, 41456
Authors:  Jia GQ(贾国卿);  Wang ZH(王长号);  Li YH(李英豪);  Li C(李灿)
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Enantioselective Diels-Alder Reaction Catalyzed by G-Quadruplex DNA and Its Metalloenzyme 会议论文
15th International Congress on Catalysis, 慕尼黑, 2012-7-2
Authors:  Wang ZH(王长号);  Jia GQ(贾国卿);  Zhou J(周俊);  Liu Y(刘龑);  Li YH(李英豪);  Lu SM(卢胜梅);  Li C(李灿)
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