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Highly controlled photoautotrophic cultivation of microalgae for high value products 会议论文
, 青岛, 2016-08-16
Authors:  Cao XP(曹旭鹏);  Yao ZH(姚长洪);  Liu J(刘娇);  Chu YD(褚亚东);  Lu HB(陆洪斌);  Xue S(薛松)
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Study on decoupling of light-carbon fixation of autotrophic cultivation of marine microalga Isochrysis zhangjiangensis with the aid of Algal Station 会议论文
, 圣地亚哥, 2016-06-26
Authors:  Cao XP(曹旭鹏);  Lu HB(陆洪斌);  Chu YD(褚亚东);  Yao ZH(姚长洪);  Liu J(刘娇);  Xue S(薛松)
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Application of hydrothermal carbonization aqueous phase of polysaccharide-extracted Arthrospira residue for Arthrospira cultivation 会议论文
, 中国, 2015-08-18
Authors:  Yao ZH(姚长洪);  Xue S(薛松);  Lu HB(陆洪斌);  Pan YF(潘彦斐);  Cao XP(曹旭鹏)
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Long term cultivation of Isochrysis zhangjiangensis in bioreactors with sun light 会议论文
, 美国, 2015-06-07
Authors:  Cao XP(曹旭鹏);  Lu HB(陆洪斌);  Chu YD(褚亚东);  Zhou JN(周健男);  Xue S(薛松)
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Pilot Practice on Bioreactor Cultivation with Natural Illumination 会议论文
, 中国, 2014-09-20
Authors:  Cao XP(曹旭鹏);  Lu HB(陆洪斌);  Chu YD(褚亚东);  Xue S(薛松)
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Optimization of carbon dioxide fixation and starch accumulation by Tetraselmis subcordiformis in a rectangular airlift photobioreactor 会议论文
, 中国, 2010-8-21
Authors:  Zheng Y(郑阳);  Chen ZA(陈兆安);  Lu HB(陆洪斌);  Zhang W(张卫)
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Carbonylcyanide m-chlorophenylhrazone (CCCP) regulated hydrogen production by marine green algae Platymonas subcordiformis subjected to light-dark-light treatment 会议论文
, 中国, 2008-10-12
Authors:  Fu YB(傅赟彬);  Chen ZA(陈兆安);  Guo Z(郭祯);  Lu HB(陆洪斌);  Yu XJ(虞星炬);  Zhang W(张卫)
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Enhanced biohydrogen photoproduction by marine green algae Platymonas subcordiformis under decreased partial pressure of H2 directly consumed by alkaline fuel cell 会议论文
, 中国, 2008-10-12
Authors:  Chen ZA(陈兆安);  Lu HB(陆洪斌);  Zhang W(张卫);  WalterTrö;  sch
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High-density cell cultivation for photobiological hydrogen production by marine green alga Platymonas subcordiformis 会议论文
, 中国, 2008-10-12
Authors:  Guo Z(郭祯);  Chen ZA(陈兆安);  Liu Y(刘远);  Lu HB(陆洪斌);  Yu XJ(虞星炬);  Zhang W(张卫)
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Sustained hydrogen photoproduction by marine green algae platymonas subcordiformis integrated with in situ hydrogen consumption by an alkaline fuel cell system 会议论文
, 中国, 2008-10-12
Authors:  Guo Z(郭祯);  Chen ZA(陈兆安);  Lu HB(陆洪斌);  Fu YB(傅赟彬);  Yu XJ(虞星炬);  Zhang W(张卫)
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