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Photocatalytic Water Oxidation on BiVO4 Sheets with Different Exposures of Crystal Facet and the Electrocatalyst as an Oxidation Co-catalyst under Visible Light Irradiation 会议论文
15th International Congress on Catalysis, 慕尼黑, 2012-7-2
Authors:  Wang DE(王冬娥);  Li RG(李仁贵);  Zhu J(朱剑);  Shi JY(施晶莹);  Han JF(韩晶峰);  Li C(李灿)
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Photochemical deposition of cobalt-based cocatalyst on BiVO4 for oxygen production from water splitting 会议论文
, Japan, 2010-7-18
Authors:  Wang DE(王冬娥);  Han JF(韩晶峰);  Zhu J(朱剑);  Li C(李灿)
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