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Use of different surfactants in the synthesis of micro-meso compositeporous ZSM-5: effect on the physicochemical and catalytic properties 会议论文
, 台北, 41560
Authors:  Wang QY(王全义);  Wei YX(魏迎旭);  Xu ST(徐舒涛);  Li JZ(李金哲);  Chen JR(陈景润);  Qi Y(齐越);  Meng SH(孟霜鹤);  Chang FX(常福祥);  He YL(何艳丽);  Su BL(苏宝莲);  Liu ZM(刘中民);  Baolian SU;  Zhongmin LIU
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The formation and significance of “confined organics” during methanol-to olefins conversion over acidic molecular sieves 会议论文
, 台北, 41560
Authors:  李金哲;  魏迎旭;  徐舒涛;  陈景润;  王金棒;  田鹏;  李冰;  周游;  王全义;  刘中民
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Coke formation during MTO reaction: TEOM study and deactivation 会议论文
, 台北, 41560
Authors:  Wei YX(魏迎旭);  Yuan CY(袁翠玉);  Li JZ(李金哲);  Xu ST(徐舒涛);  Chen JR(陈景润);  Wang QY(王全义);  Zhou Y(周游);  Liu ZM(刘中民);  Z.M. Liu
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