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Enhanced Multi-phosphopeptide Enrichment and Nano LC-ESI-qTOF-MS Detection Strategy Using Click OEG-CD Matrix 期刊论文
CHEMICAL RESEARCH IN CHINESE UNIVERSITIES高等学校化学研究, 2015, 卷号: 31, 期号: 1, 页码: 44
Authors:  Zhao YY(赵艳艳);  WangLiheng;  Guo ZM(郭志谋);  ChiXiaofei;  MaXiaochi;  QiYan;  FangShinong;  Li XL(李秀玲);  Liang XM(梁鑫淼)
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Characterization of the phase I metabolism of resibufogenin and evaluation of the metabolic effects on its antitumor activities 会议论文
, 天津, 41768
Authors:  Ning J(宁静);  Ge GB(葛广波);  Yu ZW(喻振文);  Hou J(侯洁);  Ma XC(马骁驰);  Yang L(杨凌)
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Comparative Metabolism of Bufalin in Liver Microsomes from Mouse, Rat, Dog, Minipig, Monkey, and Human 会议论文
, 天津, 41768
Authors:  Ning J(宁静);  Ge GB(葛广波);  Yu ZW(喻振文);  Hou J(侯洁);  Ma XC(马骁驰);  Yang L(杨凌)
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双酚A 葡萄糖醛酸苷的高效制备 期刊论文
高等学校化学学报, 2014, 卷号: 35, 页码: 314
Authors:  杨刚;  朱亮亮;  吕侠;  吴大畅;  夏杨柳;  马骁驰;  辛毅;  侯洁
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UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A1 is the principal enzyme responsible for Bavachinin glucuronidation in human liver microsomes 会议论文
, 多伦多, 41546
Authors:  Lv X(吕霞);  Ge GB(葛广波);  Ning J(宁静);  Hou J(侯洁);  Yang L(杨凌);  Ma XC(马骁驰)
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In vitro sulfation of three active constituents of Chansu by human liver cytosol: implications on the major metabolic pathways of bufodienolides 会议论文
, 多伦多, 41546
Authors:  Ning J(宁静);  Ge GB(葛广波);  Yu ZW(喻振文);  Hou J(侯洁);  Yang L(杨凌);  Ma XC(马骁驰)
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A highly selective probe for human cytochrome P450 3A4: isoform selectivity kinetic characterization and its applications 期刊论文
Chemical Communications, 2013, 卷号: 49, 页码: 9779
Authors:  Ge GB(葛广波);  Ning J(宁静);  Liang-Hai Hu;  Dai ZR(戴子茹);  Hou J(侯洁);  Cao YF(曹云峰);  Yu ZW(喻振文);  Ai CZ(艾纯芝);  Jing-Kai Gu;  Ma XC(马骁驰);  Yang L(杨凌)
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Isolation and characterization of a novel alpha-glucosidase with transglycosylation activity from Arthrobacter sp. DL001 期刊论文
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B, 2012, 卷号: 80, 页码: 48
Authors:  Zhou K(周坤);  Luan HW(栾宏伟);  Hu Y(胡莹);  Ge GB(葛广波);  Liu XB(刘兴宝);  Ma XC(马骁池);  Hou J(侯洁);  Wang XL(王秀丽);  Yang L(杨凌)
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Stereoselective Glucuronidation of Bufadienolide Epimers by Human Liver Microsomes: Effects of Structure Variants on Glucuronidation 会议论文
, 土耳其, 2010-9-4
Authors:  Ning J(宁静);  Ge GB(葛广波);  Liang SC(梁思成);  Ma XC(马骁驰);  Yang L(杨凌)
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Comparative Metabolism of Cinobufagin in Liver Microsomes from Mouse, Rat, Dog, Pig, Monkey and Human 会议论文
, 中国, 2010-5-17
Authors:  Ning J(宁静);  Ge GB(葛广波);  Ma XC(马骁驰);  Liang SC(梁思成);  Yang L(杨凌)
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