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A numerical study of the bubble induced pressure fluctuation in gas-fluidized beds 期刊论文
POWDER TECHNOLOGY, 2017, 卷号: 314, 页码: 387-399
Authors:  Zhang, Yuli;  Xiao, Rui;  Ye, Mao;  Liu, Zhongmin
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Bubble Size  Pressure Fluctuation  Fluidized Bed  Euler-euler Model  
Emulsion phase expansion of Geldart a particles in bubbling fluidized bed methanation reactors: A CFD-DEM study 期刊论文
POWDER TECHNOLOGY, 2015, 卷号: 275, 页码: 199-210
Authors:  Zhang, Yuli;  Ye, Mao;  Zhao, Yinfeng;  Gu, Tong;  Xiao, Rui;  Liu, Zhongmin
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Fluidized Bed  Methanation  Cfd-dem  Fluidization Quality  High Pressure  
A Dem Study of the Reduction of Volumetric Flow in Bubbling Fluidized Bed Methanation Reactors 会议论文
, 阿姆斯特丹, 41420
Authors:  Zhang YL(张玉黎);  Zhao YF(赵银峰);  Ye M(叶茂);  Xiao R(肖睿);  Liu ZM(刘中民)
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